Data Recovery Norwich

You’ve lost it all!

We all make mistakes and computer components do go wrong sometimes. It always seems to happen at the wrong time and when we don’t have a recent backup! Our Data Recovery service will bring back all your lost documents, photos, music etc

When will it fail?

Many people put blind faith in their computers, storing months or years of hard work, entire books, works-of-art, photos and other irreplaceable data without ever making a backup. Electronics has become more reliable in recent years but is still prone to failure. The Hard Drive – the main component for storing data on your computer is an electromechanical device that operates under extreme conditions. Continue reading Data Recovery Norwich

Computer Maintenance Norwich

Maintain to save money

Not only it will improve your computer’s efficiency and performance, but it give your machine a new lease of life! Why wait till it gives up on you? Maintain and make it last forever, save money!

1. It may help avoid costly computer repairs or data loss by detecting failing components
2. Improves efficiency and performance
3. Helps keep the computer running cleanly, quietly and within recommended temperature ranges
4. There’s much more but… Continue reading Computer Maintenance Norwich

Affordable computer repair Norwich

We operate on a ‘no-fix-no-fee’ basis.On the following menus you will find some of out ‘typical’ prices for the most common services we provide.

Prices start at a cup of coffee 🙂 keep that in mind.

As with Web Design (£99 starting price) and SEO (generally included with Web Design) services, where prices will vary depending on the clients needs, so may the prices for all other services (it might be less!), since every machine is different and every repair changes accordingly. Continue reading Affordable computer repair Norwich

Virus Removal Norwich

Did you know…

Did you know that something can be downloaded to your PC opening up a ‘back door‘, exposing your personal information to criminals, photos, credit card or banking details and more,  just by visiting a ‘bad’ web site?

Did you know that your computer and Internet connection could be sending ‘spam’ (junk email) messages to thousands of people around the globe without your knowledge?

The good news.. Continue reading Virus Removal Norwich